When I read the Holy Qur’an, and thought about the verses God is the Light of the heavens and the earth. The Parable of His Light is as if there were a Niche and within it a Lamp: the Lamp enclosed in Glass: the glass as it were a brilliant star: lit from a blessed Tree, an Olive, neither of the east nor of the west, whose oil is well-nigh luminous, though fire scarce touched it: Light upon Light! Allah (God) doth guide whom He will to His Light: Allah doth set forth Parables for men: and Allah doth know all things”. (Light (An-Nür), 35) and “He has made subject to you the Night and the Day; the sun and the moon; and the stars are in subjection by His Command: verily in this are Signs for men who are wise. And the things on this earth which He has multiplied in varying colors (and qualities): verily in this is a sign for men who are mindful.” (The Bee (An-Nahl), 12-13),  I started to investigate solar energy and its impact on plants and decided to prepare a thesis on this subject.

I will tell you about photosynthesis, which I think is technologically used in UFOs and, followed by my ideas about what a UFO is, accompanied by the similarities among them which are beyond coincidence. The scientific inventions described in my thesis are not my inventions, but I tried to bring the informations and missing pieces together, and try to solve the puzzle called “UFO phenomenon”. I hope someone around the World read this article, get some opinions, develop my thesis and gift this technology to the humanity. Thanks for your attention on the subject, thanks for your reading and for your patience.

“I want to know how God created the Universe. I want to learn His thoughts. The rest are details.” Albert Einstein


Photosynthesis is, quite simply, plants’ respiration or in other words, plants’ absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen instead. Photosynthesis occurs inside organelles called chloroplast in plants. Below you can find more details about chloroplasts:


In plant cell, photosynthesis occurs in chloroplasts. Chloroplasts are composed of “lentil-shaped” tiny discs.

In chloroplasts are sub-organelles in the form of flat gunnysacks which are called “thylakoids”. In thylakoids are embedded chlorophylls which are the chemical units of photosynthesis. Thylakoids are protected with a thinner membrane. These thylakoids are arranged in discs piled up on each other like coins. These discs are called “granum” (plural: grana)


(Author Note: I think that in UFOs which are detailed in coming pages, the orange plates in the form of coins piled up one on top of the other as reaction centers correspond to the grana explained here.)

Chloroplasts need sunlight to conduct photosynthesis.

Atmosphere is, with its functions and chemical composition, a perfect cover which is a must for life. The Sun emits sunlight at different wavelengths. However, only a very narrow range of these wavelengths contains the light necessary for life. At this point, we observe a miracle; atmosphere has such a structure that it allows only the light necessary for life to pass through and absorbs or retro-reflects X-rays, gamma rays and all the other lights dangerous to life on earth.

As you can comprehend from the explanations made until now, light used by plants have in fact a very special structure. This light is filtrated in the atmosphere through a sensitive sieve and moves at a distance range too small for us to perceive. It also has the highest speed currently known. Besides, as it moves like a wave and in the form of particles called photons, it also leads to chemical reactions which form substances. (That is, the speed of light is reached.)

Light, which has such a complex structure, is received by a special antenna system after it travels by long distances and finally reaches plants. This antenna system in plants has such a sensitive structure that it is created in a way to capture only the light in this wavelength range and start up the systems to process this light. (You will see detailed same antenna system in the coming title What is Ufo?)

Chlorophyll, which is present in all photosynthetic cells and is a type of pigment, absorbs all wavelengths of visible light except for green.

(Author Note: I guess the metal and color used in UFOs reflect all other lights. UFOs absorb only the necessary light and reflects the remaining. These colors might be green, red or White.)

 All of the chlorophyll molecules within a photo system have the ability to absorb light, but only one chlorophyll molecule in each photo system really uses the chemical energy obtained from light. The molecule using energy is situated in the middle of the photo system and detects the reaction center of the system. Other chlorophyll molecules are called “antenna pigments”. They make up a network which looks like an antenna around the reaction center that is named chlorophyll a and collects light for the reaction center (CHLOROPHYLL A). (Note: You will witness same explanations which are beyond coincidence in the coming title What is Ufo?)


Scientists define photosynthesis as a long chain of chemical reactions which occur in chloroplasts. Photosynthesis happens in two phases. These phases are called light-dependent phase and light-independent phase.

Light dependent phase (light reactions) takes place only when there is light and in this phase, pigments conducting photosynthesis absorb sunlight and convert it to chemical energy by using the hydrogen in water. The remaining oxygen is released back to the air. In the light-independent phase (dark reactions) in which there is no need for light, the chemical energy which has been obtained is used for the production of organic substances like sugar.

1.2. LIGHT DEPENDENT PHASE (Production of Element 115 Described in coming title What is UFO?)

Sunlight used for production the of NADPH and ATP agents which are to be used as fuel supply in the light independent phase, which is the first phase of photosynthesis.

 1.3. LIGHT INDEPENDENT PHASE (Production of Element 116 Described in coming title What is UFO?)

Energy rich ATP and NADPH molecules which come into being at the end of the light dependent phase convert the carbon dioxide used in light independent phase into food substances such as sucrose and starch.

Light independent phase is a cyclic reaction. This phase starts up with a molecule which needs to be re-produced at the end of the reaction so that the process can continue. In this reaction, also called Calvin Cycle, electrons and hydrogen ions adjacent to NADPH and phosphor adjacent to “ATP” are used and glucose is produced.

 Calvin Cycle:



 In order to better understand what UFOs are and how they function, we can refer to the studies of Bob Lazar, famous for his studies and explanations in the field.


 BOB LAZAR, PHYSICS ENGINEER WHO WORKED IN AREA 51 IN NEVADA, USA, EXPLAINS HOW UFOS WORK: Lazar states that flying discs are equipped with an anti-matter reactor, which uses an element whose atomic number is 115 as fuel. According to Lazar, element 115 does not have a single effect, unlike other elements on earth, and it is an element which can serve two purposes, and states that “the gravitational field, which the science has not yet discovered and defined”, that is Gravity A, is generated by element 115. This energy originates and spreads from the nucleus of element 115; and secondly, element 115 is source of the anti-matter radiation, which creates the power required for motion. According to Lazar, the said system of the gravity or flight amplifier focuses Gravity A on a single point and distorts spacetime, and spacetime distortion, in return, is an astrophysical term, in the simplest sense, can be conceived as moving from one place to another, outside time and the tridimensional space at a speed much higher than the speed of light. This means a fourth dimension arises. Spacetime distortion creates a field of force extending as far as the gravitational field of a black hole, in astrophysical terms. Thus the gigantic energy created enables to cover huge distances such as light years.

 These vehicles create their own gravitational fields. Just like the Earth pulls everything towards itself, and keep them on the ground, they generate a similar gravitational field for themselves around the vehicle and use this force as a source of movement. These vehicles can create their own gravitational atmosphere. As the Earth attracts everything to itself, they create the same environment and gradually proceed to a formation which pushes them. Space vehicles in the shape of a disc have a kind of atom reactor. This reactor, which is a kind of thermoelectric generator is used for producing electricity energy. In order to activate the reactor, a high-octane liquid called “Element 115” is turned to another element called “Element 116” and generates anti-nuclear reaction via nuclear disintegration. As a result of this process, 100% energy conversion is realized and a huge heat is generated in the reaction. This antimatter reactor is a mini thermoelectric generator operated with a kind of anti nuclear energy. The electric power produced in this way is then directed to the wave guide and gravity amplifier…

 Now we will touch upon how a UFO catches the light coming from the sun (as we stated earlier in photosynthesis) by being filtered though the atmosphere. As I mentioned before, UFOs create their own gravitational fields and atmospheres. This process is shown in the following pictures based on the definitions of Bob Lazar:

 ufo atmosfer

 NOTE: As it is seen in the picture, UFOs create a layer of atmosphere around themselves. They do this through photosynthesis and revolving around themselves just like the Earth, by means of a magnetic attraction. From this atmosphere they create, they filtrate the light at a certain wavelength required for photosynthesis; and transmits it to the antenna on top of it just like the antennas in a chloroplast cell, and initiates photosynthesis.

In the UFO described by Bob Lazar, which can be seen below, there is a wave guide. This antenna absorbs the light at a certain wave coming from the Sun by being filtered from the atmosphere that the UFO creates around itself, and sends the light to the reactor center and enormous heat is created vie nuclear bombardments. A high-octane liquid, Gravity A ( or CHLOROPHYLL A), is created. We see that the light coming from the antenna is conveyed to orange internal plates piled up on each other like coins. I guess these orange internal plates realize the atomic chain reactions that I described in the phases of photosynthesis above, in “grana” in the light dependent and light independent phase. I think, that high-octane Gravity A or the liquid called Element 115, is the ATP and NAPFH produced in the light dependent phase to be used as fuel in the light independent phase. I guess this fuel is turned into Element 116 as described by Bob Lazar, which corresponds to sugar and starch in light independent phase.


         Antimatter Reactor                   The disc-shaped space vehicle mentioned by Bob Lazar


    ufo grana 3

    Orange Plates                         Mini Nuclear Reactor                                           Disc Shaped Chloroplast and Granas


3) Similarity Between Cern Experiment and Nazi UFO Technology from the Second World War

 cern ufo

I think that there is a very important similarity beyond coincidence between the researches done in Cern and UFO technology. They conduct particle accelerator test in a 26km circular magnetic tube. Also they create and search mini black holes.

 This drawing belongs to Victor Schauberger, the famous Nazi scientist and creator of UFO who lived between 1885 and 1958. It is exactly the same as the magnetic tube built up in Cern, Switzerland.

This “Spiral Ion Tube Engine” of the “Time Machine” is turned with a series of coil and magnet system and highly powerful revolving fields are created within the magnetic tube. These fields force the electron plasma in the magnetic tube to a cyclic movement at the light speed and even faster. The speed of electrons in the magnetic tube can almost be infinite. Very dense electron plasma is wrapped around this magnetic tube and composes high frequency electromagnetic fields covering the whole system. When the electrons moving at light speed within the cell reach a frequency and wavelength range of f = 12,3 x 10*(22) Hz, the power fields of the Time Machine get into a resonator relation with universal time wave that belongs to the cyclic vibrations of space/time. When these fields are synchronized, the free lines of space/time overlap the power field lines of time machine and are thus integrated. This integration occurs when gravitational fields are combined under one single electro-gravitational field through electromagnetism.

 4) Main Carrier Crafts And Theories About Their Technologies:

Based on my researchs, these disc-shaped UFOs are said to be separated from a main craft, which is generally in a cylindrical/cigar shape, or take their energy from such a ship.

ufo ana gemi2

In order to understand this subject better, we will refer to photosynthesis again. As we said  previously at the Light independent phase, it is a cyclic reaction. This phase starts up with a molecule which needs to be re-produced at the end of the reaction so that the process can continue. In this reaction, also called Calvin Cycle, electrons and hydrogen ions adjacent to NADPH and phosphor adjacent to “ATP” are used and glucose is produced. So;


It is a multifunctional nucleotide within the cell. It is the abbreviation of Adenosine Triphosphate and its most important task is to carry the chemical energy required for the cellular biochemical reactions. It is formed during photosynthesis and cellular respiration. ATP is at the same time one of the four monomores required for the synthesis of RNA. Besides, ATP is the source of the phosphate required for protein kinase reaction in the transmission of signals inside cells.

 Chemical characteristics

ATP is formed by adonesine and triphosphate. Starting to count from adonesine, the energy of the link between the second and third phosphate groups is very high. As this link is broken off, ATP is turned into ADP and there occurs a change in energy. This energy change is -12 kCal/mol inside cell and 7,3 kcal/mol under laboratory conditions. This big energy amount helps ATP be used as a chemical energy storage during biochemical reactions.


Phosphate is used in ATP during the process of photosynthesis. It is also the name of salt or ester of the phosphoric acid used in the production of artificial fertilizers or some medicaments. Its atomic number is 15 and atomic weight is 30.97. It is in the fifth group of the periodic table. As it has a high affinity with oxygen, it is a lithophile element. In addition, because it is an important structural element of living systems such as C, H, N, O, it has a biological importance. Therefore, it is never found as a free element in nature on Earth, but it is found in the form of salt and ester of phosphoric acid. It is inflammable and glows in the dark. Its name is derived from the Greek words “phos”, meaning light, and “phoros” meaning “that carries”. White phosphorus is a highly harmful poison. This substance which is balmy like wax is insoluble in water and it is so quickly ignited in open air that it must be kept in water.   Red phosphorus is obtained by heating up white phosphorus. Since it is less dangerous, it is used in the production of matches and fireworks. Phosphorus playing an essential role in the functioning of living organisms is particularly found in bones, nervous tissue and brain. Phosphorus was later on started to be used in pharmacy, metallurgy, medicine and nuclear physics, as well.


When white phosphorus is left in air, it releases out a light blue light. As phosphorus is immediately affected by oxygen, it starts to burn slowly by releasing out this light. This light is called phosphorescence. This term has been popularized and is used for all luminous matters (even for water algae, jelly fish, lightening bug).

The phosphorus used in fluorescent lamps today is obtained from gas. The mercury gas in fluorescent lamps is heated and evaporated by the filaments and as result of this, there occurs an invisible radiation. Thanks to the substance called fluorescence which covers the internal side of the glass, bright and visible light is produced.

When a fluorescent lamp is switched on, electricity passes through the transformer and establishes an arc from one electrode to the other situated at the ends of the tube. The energy of this arc leads to the evaporation of mercury in the tube. This vapor is charged with electricity and starts to emit invisible ultraviolet rays. These rays bang into the phosphor dusts covering the internal side of the tube and thus form the visible bright light. An 18 Watt fluorescent lamp can emit as much light as a 75 Watt light bulb. In other words, fluorescent lamps consume less energy and emits more light and ensure approximately 75% energy saving. Since the light does not come from one single point but from all sides of the tube, it is dispersed more. It is softer than bluish light and not tiring for eyes.

In the following chapters, we will put forward theories about what kind of a relation exists between phosphorus, fluorescent lamps and UFOs.

As we mentioned before, when white phosphorus is left in open air, it releases out a light blue light. This is due to the fact that phosphorus, which is immediately affected by oxygen, starts to burn slowly. It was observed that this cylindrical-shaped main crafts gave out blue or white light and emitted white smoke or gas when they entered our atmosphere which is filled with oxygen. This is due to the explanations we have brought before:

 Phosphor, which is used in fluorescent lamps today, exists thanks to gas. The invisible radiation created by the mercury gas which was heated and evaporated by filaments, generates a luminous, visible light thanks to the material called fluorescent coated on the inner surface of the glass. When you switch a fluorescent lamp on, the electricity that goes through the transformer forms an arc between the electrodes at the two ends of the tube. The energy of this arc evaporates the mercury in the tube. This vapor is charged with electricity and starts to give out invisible ultra-violet rays. These rays hit the phosphor grains coated on the inner surface of the tube, generating the visible luminous light. An 18-Watt fluorescent lamp can give out as much light as a 75-Watt light bulb. That is to say, fluorescents consume less energy but give out more light, providing around 75% energy saving. Since light does not come from a single point but comes from every part of the tube, therefore diffuses more. The bluish light they produce is softer and not tiresome for the eye.

These explanations bring me to the following theories: These cylindrical main crafts work like a fluorescent lamp, heat the phosphor created by ATP via mercury gas by filaments, however, they appear to the eye by using phosphor when they want, and can be invisible when they don’t; which means I believe they emit ultra-violet rays which are invisible to human eye. We said that phosphor is highly inflammable and luminous in the dark. This can be the reason why UFOs generally appear at night and look like a flame; because during the day, it is not obvious whether they burn. Moreover, we also said that phosphor does not dissolve in water and needs to be kept in water. I believe the reddish UFOs seen on the sea could be performing this process. Furthermore, fluorescent lamp, or the main craft having the same structure, consumes less energy and gives out more light, and saves energy; and emits same level of light at the same wavelength from every pat of the tube rather than a single point, just like the sun, it is very logical that it is used in interstellar travel; and it is formally very convenient for providing the other small-disc UFOs with the light/ energy they need. I also think that, thanks to this smoke-like gas layer that most UFOs create around themselves, they can hide among the clouds or look deliberately like a cloud.


5.1) UFOs or Tachyons?

 Tachyon is an antimatter which has a negative mass, in other words, metamass, which moves millions of times faster than the speed of light. It is a metamass energy.

Can mass have a negative value? For example, can there be a weight of -10 kg? This is physically impossible, however; it can be possible in mathematical terms. In order to explain this, we can show the imaginary number (i) in mathematics. All in all, the idea of negative mass, or metamass, arose from the concept of imaginary number (i)

 The imaginary number is the square root of -1. That is, i2= -1, so i= √-1. With the discovery of the imaginary number, many problems in advanced mathematics could be solved in an easier way and the logarithm was developed; similarly, new mathematical models were developed in connection to the universe with the discovery of Tachyons.

 The concept of negative mass or metamass is explained by Einstein’s theory of relativity, E= m x c2. E is energy, M is mass, C is speed of light, which is 300,000 km/sec. Again according to this formula, the formula of mass is m= e/c2. This being the general formula, energy or mass of an object or particle projected to the space or moving in the space changes in proportion to the velocity the object in motion. Actually there are certain formulas in the article that I used as a reference, but since they are difficult to understand and a little hard for me to grasp, I did not include them here. However, the basic theory is understandable.

In these formulas, E=energy, M= mass, C= speed of light and V= is the velocity of the object moving in space. From the formulas it is seen that when an object reaches the speed of light, energy becomes infinite and mass becomes zero, when the value inside the square root is zero. That is to say, matter disappears and turns into energy. If the velocity of the object is higher than the speed of light, then the value inside the square root becomes a negative value. As you cannot take the square root of a negative number, it comes out of the square root only as an imaginary number. Therefore, the existence of metamass, which is the mass at a negative value, is proven according to the theory of relativity.

 This means, if an object or particle moves faster than the speed of light, it will have a meta (negative) mass. Although metamass can be calculated by means of mathematics, none of the measurement tools that we use can measure them, nor can we see them. They exist mathematically, but not physically.

Speed of light is a boundary between tachyons and matter. Matter disappears becomes infinite at the speed of light and energy. Tachyon exists beyond the speed of light. Rules of the world of tachyons are the opposite of our world or dimension. In the world of tachyons, laws of thermodynamics operate in the opposite direction. There, heat is never depleted or consumed; that is to say, tachyons produce energy. Just as the atom is the constituent of the four dimensional universe (including the time) in which we live; the constituents of other dimensions are the tachyons…

 According to Einstein’s general theory of relativity, there are parallel universes in space. These parallel universes are lined up on top of each other like the pages of a book without touching each other in the form of infinite layers. These universes are connected to each other via black holes with Einstein-Rosen bridges, or wormholes, which are tunnels in the shape of a two-way funnel. In my opinion, there are 7 of these parallel universes, and it is the 7 firmaments mentioned in the Qur’an; “We have built over you the seven firmaments, none of you can pass through them”… In short, tachyons are the constituents of the universe around us, and most importantly, its energy. I think that the ribosome, which we will touch upon while examining the structure of cell have a connection to the story of the constituents of the universe. They named the tachyons after the word “tacityon”, which means “very fast” in Greek. In fact, the word “Ta Hayyül” in Arabic is derived from the same root. I think we can come into the conclusion that these energies, which move very fast and which are products of fantasy, can be UFOs…

 As it is known, an object which flings or is projected from the Earth, a star or a planet needs to have a speed higher than what is called the escape velocity of that star or planet in order be able to get far away from the star or planet. The escape velocities of the Earth, the Sun and light are 12 km/ sec, 618km/sec and 300,000km/sec respectively. So, light can escape from the Sun. Since black holes are extremely concentrated and their escape velocities are much higher than the speed of light, even light cannot escape black holes. However, the speed of tachyons is millions of times higher than the speed of light and also higher than the escape velocities of black holes; therefore they can pass into our universe from the other universe which is connected with the black hole. Thus, it is natural that they have an impact on us. We, on the other hand, do not have any chance at all to reach their universe throughout our lives. But as far as I think, the situation may change when we die and our spirits leave our body…

Now I will try to explain the situation based on certain verses from the Holy Qur’an. We will be able to calculate the actual speed of these tachyons by the help of the Holy Qur’an, which was started to be sent down 1400 years before our time. There is no other clear evidence; and it is all that can be conceived by the human mind…

 It is said in the fourth verse of Al-Màárij that “The angels and the Spirit ascend unto Him in a Day the measure whereof is (as) fifty thousand years”…

 If we bring a mathematical explanation to what is referred to in this verse, it is said that angels and spirits ascend to God in an angel and spirit day which corresponds to 50 thousand earth years… If we make this calculation according to the speed of light, which is 300 thousand km/sec, and consider the years as light years, that is to say if, we claim that they are creatures from light and travel at or above the speed of light:

 Speed of light: 300,000km/sec

Calculation of the distance covered by light in one year:

1 light day = 24hours x 3600sec/hour x 300,000km/sn = 25,920,000,000 km

 Calculation of the distance covered by light in one year:

1 light year= 1 year (in seconds) x speed of light (km/sec) :

365daysx24hoursx3600seconds x 300,000 km/sec = 9,460,800,000,000km

 Calculation of the distance covered by light in 50,000 Earth years:

50,000 Earth years x 1 light year= 50,000 earth years x 9,460,800,000,000 km =

473,040,000,000,000,000. km…

 50,000 light years / 1 light day= 47,304x 1013 / 2,592x 107 = 18,250,000 km

This means that angels and the spirit (and to me UFOs), or the tachyons according to the world of science, travel at a speed 18,250,000 times higher than the speed of light. In this way, the differences in energy and speed factors between our dimension and other dimensions are clearly seen. And this is a sign showing how those creatures can travel through the 7 firmaments or in the parallel universe…

 I think we, all living and non-living creatures and the whole universe we live in, all of which are composed of vibrant magnetic energy packages called atoms, live under the surveillance of somebody. Or at least I believe so… Our brain, our ability to see and all other senses we have function and perceive within a certain capacity. Our ability to smell is weak, and we are able to see at 400nm (nanometers) to 700nm wavelengths corresponding to the rainbow colors formed by the sunlight or their mixtures. Compared to other wavelengths existing in the universe, we are almost color blind. Visions of bees, which can see at 100nm to 400nm wavelengths and some other organisms are much more advanced than ours. If we add to that the sound wavelengths, I need to state that we are both blind and deaf…

 Our brains, which are our mainframes or our receiver or transmitter antennas, function at a very low capacity, so we are much behind many organisms in terms of perceiving the future. Just like bees can see certain things that we cannot see, organisms such as cats, dogs, horses, birds can perceive certain things in advance; which we cannot. Whales, dolphins, migrant birds, mosquitoes, and some other winged or non-winged animals have a more advanced ability to use the magnetic energy and fields on earth than us, the limits of which we even could not understand.

 The following verses of the Holy Qur’an provide explanation for this: “And we pried into the secrets of heaven; but we found it filled with stern guards and flaming fires” (Al-Jinn, 8). “We used, indeed, to sit there in (hidden) stations, to (steal) a hearing; but any who listen now will find a flaming fire watching him in ambush.” (Al-Jinn, 9). “Not a word does he utter but there is a vigilant Guardian” (Qáf, 18). “He knows what is before them, and what is behind them, and they offer no intercession except for those with whom He is well pleased, and they stand in awe and reverence of His (Glory).” (Al-Anbiyaa, 28). “For each (such person) there are (angels) in succession, before and behind him: They guard him by command of Allah” (Al-Rád, 11). “The Day shalt thou see the believing men and the believing women- how their Light runs forward before them and by their right hands: (their greeting will be): “Good News for you this Day! Gardens beneath which flow rivers! to dwell therein for aye! this is indeed the highest Triumph!” (Al-Hadíd,12). “Behold, two (guardian angels) appointed to learn (his doings) learn (and note them), one sitting on the right and one on the left.” (Qáf, 17). “(Muhammad) We see the turning of thy face (for guidance) to the heavens” (Al-Baqarah, 144). “But We bore him (Noah) on an (Ark) made of broad planks and caulked with palm- fiber” (Al-Qamar, 13).

 I think a vehicle called UFO can be invented, which will exceed the speed of light or will be teleported. I bet the technology that can produce it is currently available on earth. But it requires global unification and capital, because information and technology are scattered around the world, which we will also examine in our thesis. It is possible to produce such technology by bringing specialized scientists together and accumulate global capital for the necessary experiments. I feel as if we have to do this; because I believe, in the next catastrophe, unlike Noah’s Ark which was made of wood, we will need a ship which is product of state-of-the-art technology…

 The other option is, as I said earlier, that all these UFO incidents are angels or demons -I ascribe 95% probability to this assumption-, or just like the creatures on earth on which we conduct experiments; we may be living in a weird environment in which other organisms conduct experiments on us and from time to time arrange our lives with magical fingers… Like goodness for those engaged in goodness, and evil for those engaged in evil. These are strange issues, organized issues.

As a conclusion,  the mechanical inventions described in my thesis are not my inventions, but I tried to bring the missing pieces and information together, and try to solve the puzzle called “UFO phenomenon”.

I want to conclude my words with a quotation from the great thinker and scientist Einstein, whom I admire as he also endeavored to reach God, tried to think about Him and understand Him, just like I am trying to do:

 “Everybody who has intensely experienced the successful developments in the field feels deep reverence for the rationality that arises in existence. The magnificence of the mind that is embodied in existence…”



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